Build Volunteers

We are shifting more attention to the external design and decoration of Playa Time these days and will need people to take responsibility for individual aesthetic elements. Do any of the art projects below intrigue you? Email Night Muppet to learn more or sign up (themcboo at
Open the image below in a new tab or window to enlarge.
The Build Team is looking for a fine bunch of folks who would like to volunteer their time to help BUILD the Playa Time art sculpture. This project will only be possible with the love, support and participation of community members  – Like YOU! Do you have skills, such as carpentry, metal work, welding, electrical, fabrication, machinery, painting or other handy talents? Are you willing and able lend a helping hand? We’d love to have you on the team! All experience levels are welcome. We only ask you to please provide a positive attitude and your own mandatory safety gear – eye protection and sturdy footwear (work boots preferred, no sandals or open toes shoes).To help us with planning, please follow the link and complete the short Build Team Volunteer Info form: hands will make light work! We’d love to have you lend yours.

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