Help! Participate!


  • Friday, June 10: Game Time fundraising party – Volunteers still needed!
  • Build Days  – June is hoppin’ with opportunities to build and decorate
  • Build Team – fill out the Volunteer Survey

We CANNOT make this happen without participation from just about everyone in the community.

Even if you are not going to the desert this year, there are many opportunities for you to participate and be a part of our community presence on playa.

We will need a large team of volunteers who can help build the effigy here in Vancouver, assist with events and other fundraising efforts between now and August, and help on-playa at Burning Man: as Effigy Guardians throughout the event, Fire Safety Team, and Leave No Trace crew to clean up and dispose of all of the remains, etc.

Vancouver Burners: this is your time to shine!

Email Volunteer Coordinator Toi Box if you want to contribute some of your time:

Click on Calendar of Events for details.

:::::Past Events:::::
Tea Time, Fundraiser #1, March 19th


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