CORE 2012 Introduction

Greetings, BURNING MAN Regional Groups!

It is with great pleasure that The Regionals Committee and Burning Man’s Art Department invite your region to inform us of your desire to participate in CORE 2012 through your submission of a Letter of Intent by Friday, February 24, 2012, 11:59pm.


The Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) will be comprised of wooden sculptures created by regional communities around the world and will be placed in a ring around the Man during Burning Man 2012. CORE will culminate in a coordinated Burn on Thursday evening. The placement of these effigies in a circle around the Man suggest the progress of Burning Man culture—what started as a fire in the center has emanated out into many communities and “fires” around the world.

CORE is meant to be a collaborative community project. We invite each regional group to work together on the concept and design of their effigy and on the fundraising, building, installation, and burn of their art piece. We ask that the effigy not be the work of just one or two local artists, but be a radically inclusive collaboration, open to all local Burners in your area who may wish to participate.


The number of effigies included in CORE this year will depend upon the number of submissions we receive as well as the degree to which each group can demonstrate their capacity to successfully complete their effigy. We have space for at least 24 effigies, possibly more. We do not aim to “curate” the effigies but do want to make sure new groups have a chance to participate, and to ensure that criteria are met and that teams are well prepared for bringing their art to the playa. The Regionals Committee and the Art Department will review the Letters of Intent and invite groups to submit a more formal Art Department application including Burn plans, LNT plans, etc.


Please carefully review the guidelines and project details below and then work with your team to complete our online Letter of Intent survey. We encourage the Project Lead(s) to complete the form in collaboration with the local Regional Contact. All surveys must be completed by Friday, February 24, 2012, 11:59pm. We request ONE Letter of Intent per group.


Each CORE project must be vetted and initially submitted in collaboration with a Burning Man Regional Contact who can vouch for the project’s relationship to the local regional group. The RC does not need to be responsible for directly organizing the effigy project once the vetting process has been instigated.

The Regional Contact will be the one signing the contract with Burning Man and accepting the $500 grant on behalf of their community. The Regional Contact will also receive the 5 gift tickets for the CORE Project and will distribute to CORE Project Lead(s).These tickets are not given for resale, but to help endure the attendance of the hardworking team creating the regional effigy. If they are truly not needed by your crew, please consider donating them to another CORE project in need.


In addition to the Regional Contact who will vouch for the project, each CORE project will involve the efforts of the following roles to meet criteria for inclusion:

Project Lead(s)

Each group should have a designated Project Lead or team of Project Lead(s) to act as a liaison with Burning Man and to oversee the project.

CORE Fire Safety Perimeter Crew

Each group will need to provide approximately 18 perimeter volunteers to help with the safety perimeter for your piece in the night of the CORE burn. These volunteers will work with the larger burn perimeter crew consisting of volunteers from all of the CORE Regional Groups. This will allow us to make two concentric safety perimeters. More details on the required safety perimeter will be shared after the Regional teams are selected.

The CORE team will work very closely with Burning Man’s Art department, particularly the
Fire Art Safety Team (FAST). FAST will provide experienced support for artists and groups both pre-event and on-site, and to ensure the safe use of fire help to make all of the burns the best they can be.

Here are some other factors to keep in mind while developing your concept:·


  • *Effigies will stand no taller than 20’ high x 20’ wide – this will allow for visual uniformity of the Circle as well as standardized burn pad creation.
  • *Effigies will be credited by geographic area or regional event in promotional materials and public information, rather than credited by regional entity (eg., a piece by “Burning Flipside” not by “Austin Artistic Reconstruction LLC”, etc.)
  • *Unofficial/unaffiliated events will not be eligible for inclusion in CORE. However, Regional Network areas who do not currently host an official event will be eligible to submit an effigy, so long as the project is identified and affiliated with the official local region represented by a Regional Contact.
  • *Selected Effigies will be eligible for a grant from the Burning Man Regional Network up to $500 and must complete a CORE grant application created specifically for this project. $350 will be given to the project through the Regional Contact upon completion of the project, $150 will be given to the project upon completion of the project (Arrival on playa/Check-In, Completion of Installation, Leave No Trace, Check Out and Final Report).
  • *Effigies/inclusion will be decided upon by the Burning Man Regional Committee in collaboration with the Art Department.

Project Coordination

  • *Because of safety issues related to their proximity to the Burning Man, effigies/effigy burns may not incorporate pyro effects (fireworks, explosives).
  • *Flame effects may be incorporated, in accordance with the requirements of the FAST team, who retain all authority over the administration and approval of flame effects, in accordance with Burning Man’s BLM permit.
  • *Teams invited to participate after submitting a Letter of Intent must also submit a standard Art Registration Questionnaire and coordinate and comply with all ARTery requirements for playa art. The Art Department and its appointees will be the governing agency for placement, production, and coordination of support services, and the ARTery and its appointees will serve as the point of contact for project leads regarding all issues of safety and playa art management.
  • *Central communication and liaison services with Art Department and BMHQ will be provided by the Regionals Committee.
  • *Participating groups will be required to sign a written agreement with Burning Man agreeing on the management and execution of the piece’s creation (including Fire Safety and Leave No Trace), and outlining the support services and coordination that will (and will not) be provided by Burning Man for the CORE project effigies.

Construction Materials

  • *Because of the risk of blowing embers adversely affecting the Man and the Man Pavilion we ask that you not use certain materials in your construction. Materials not to be used include cardboard, chipboard, fabric, or thin sheet of wood or other materials. Construction materials should consist primarily of wood.
  • *Laminated wood products including support timbers have fire resistant glue that is use in their manufacturing. These can be difficult to burn and should be avoided.
  • *Please remove all plastics and other materials including zip ties, EL wire or other decorations that are not made of wood or clean-burning materials.

The Burn

  • *Effigies will burn in a coordinated effort and each team must coordinate with and comply with all Fire Art Safety Team requirements for burning art. A Fire Art Safety lead must commit to attending a group meeting with the FAST team on the playa. Time/location TBA.
  • *Due to safety issues related to their proximity to the Burning Man, effigies/effigy burns may not incorporate pyro effects (fireworks, explosives).
  • *Flame effects may be incorporated, in accordance with the requirements of the FAST team, who retain all authority over the administration and approval of flame effects, in accordance with Burning Man’s BLM permit.
  • *Each effigy will be provided a pad of Decomposed Granite (DG) 50’ in diameter.
  • *Each group will check in with both the ARTery and FAST before beginning work on effigies projects. It is the responsibility of each group to spread and maintain the playa protection of their project during the event and during the burn.
  • *Each participating Regional Team will be responsible for all phases of their particular effigy’s lifespan (from grant writing to design to construction to burning it to LNT).Due again to the proximity of the Man Pavilion pyrotechnics (fireworks) will not be allowed. The use of other materials to accelerate or accent your burn can be discussed case by case with FAST pre-event.
  • *Extra cords of firewood can be purchased pre-event through Burning Man and delivered on-site. Additional wood will help to insure the complete burning of your piece.
  • *Care should be taken to insure a complete burn so the top burns at the same rate as the bottom. This will prevent a situation where the bottom burns out first and the structure tumbles with burning materials scattering off of the burn protection.

Clean Up and Leave No Trace

  • *The plan is to burn CORE on Thursday before the Man burns. We will need to clean after the burn the following morning to prevent damage to vehicles and bikes for the remainder of the event. All nails, screws and other fasteners will need to be removed for safety of participants and tires. Take care to sweep the areas surrounding your burn for trash from participants such as cigarette butts and such.
  • *Please bring materials for this clean up including magnet rakes, shovels and other clean up tools. Each group is responsible for the cleaning of their burn site. Please remember that Burning Man is a Leave No Trace event and all burn sites need to be checked out by ARTery staff upon completion of the cleaning.

Supporting the Project

  • *Each participating Regional team will be responsible for all phases of their particular effigy’s lifespan (from grant writing to design to construction to burning it to LNT).
  • *Each Effigy effigy team will coordinate local efforts to provide a docent or wrangler for the piece throughout the week to educate about the purpose of the project and help “keep an eye on the neighborhood.”
  • *Each individual effigy project team must include: Aesthetics/Design Lead; Build/Construction lead (including structural security and lighting/safety); Fire/Fire Safety lead; Leave No Trace/Cleanup Lead.
  • *Effigies will not be eligible to apply for additional funding from the Art Department Grant Cycle (no double-dipping).


  • *It is expected that local fundraising will also contribute to funding these pieces, and Burning Man is prepared to help with publicity related to those efforts.
  • *Each effigy selected for the CORE Project will receive a $500 grant from Burning Man. As mentioned, the gift tickets given to the Regional Contact are not available for resale as a part of a group’s fundraising efforts.
  • *Direct affiliation with the Regional Network/official Regional Contacts will be required in order to receive consideration, as the funding will be provided by the Regional Network with the intent to increase visibility for the regional groups. We will separately announce the repetition of CORE to invite participation and announce the scheduling of the burn and other promotional information once selections have been made.
  • *Effigies will not be eligible to apply for additional funding from the Art Department Grant Cycle (no double-dipping).


As you begin planning for your group’s effigy project we ask that you read the Burning information found here:

Read here about Open Fire:

Then read here about Safety Perimeters:

And finally read here about Playa Protection:

THANK YOU and we look forward to reading your Letters of Intent.

The Burning Man Regionals Committee and The Burning Man Art Department


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