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March 22, 2011

So, we’ve recovered fully (at least some of us), and the monies are all counted and on top of all the fun, after all expenses, we have we raised $800 bucks towards bringing PlayaTime to The Burn. Awesome!!!

On behalf of the Producers and the entire BMV CORE team, we want to say thanks to everyone who came out to supportthe event! We shmoozed, we drank, we ate, we danced like crazy, we reminisced local events passed, and we DANCED. And we were the first to see the scale model of Playa Time, made by our Technical Producer, Robert!

Your gift to the “Playa Time” art project will help the BMV CORE team to build and transport this unique community art project to Burning Man this year. We hope you’ll be able to join us to see Playa Time standing along side all the other CORE projects brought by Regional groups from around the world, and to celebrate when it burns.

And massive gratitude to all of you who responded to our callout for volunteers, who came out to help setup and run the event.  From the folks who arrived early to setup the food/bevvies station, sound system, visuals and the event space; to those who

volunteered their time to serve; to those who brought or donated items to sell; to the musicians and DJs for raising the energy to superb heights; to those who stayed late to mop the floors and pick up butts outside the event at 3am; and all the work that went into it in between. We are a great community and WE KICK ASS!

Thanks for Vertumnus of for taking some pics for us. See the Tea Time collection here.

And this is just the beginning…

  • We have build days happening every Sunday until we’re done. Details here.
  • Tomorrow night is a chance to participate in the first fundraising work party. Details here.
  • We’re working on a bigger community event & fundraiser for May or June. Details to come.

If you weren’t able to attend Tea Time, but would like to donate a few bucks, please click the Paypal link on our site:

Your Playa Time team,

Hey, you know what? The man burns in 165 days!




In observance of Burnal Equinox, marking the midpoint between burns, we are having a fundraiser for the CORE project on March 19th. Dust off your costumes and come mingle, dance, frolic and drink tea with fellow burnery friends. Music will be loud enough to dance to in the dancefloor area, while providing opportunities to connect with friends in the mingle/chill area.

TEA TIME –  BYOT (bring your own teacup!)
Playa Time CORE Project Fundraiser & Burning Man Vancouver Party!

Saturday March 19th, Doors at 8pm, rockin’ past 2am for sure…
Dharmalab, 1814 Pandora Street
Tickets at door $10

8:30 – 10:00       Ninjake (dirty house)
10:00 – 11:00      Bajjam – Bodie and Guests (live music)
11:00 – 12:30      Tango (breaks/electro)
12:30 – 2:00        Luminis (trance)


► Bajjam, Bodie’s band will be performing at 10pm with special guests!
► Vertumnus will be serving up espressos & cappuccinos!
► Lady Macri will be bringing gluten free flourless chocolate brownies & gluten free coconut macaroons!
► Sheena will be making very tasty treats to serve: blissful balls, baked nummies, sweet or savory popcorn balls!

Email unless otherwise noted

  • a TEA FAIRY! Someone to lead the Tea station & make sure the volunteers who sign up have what they need, as well as give us a list of things we need to purchase on Saturday
  • secured donations of TEA! Check your cupboard & offer those miscellaneous tea boxes that you’re never going to go through
  • a few Bodums & electric kettles to make tea/hot water for the teas
  • a few coolers to keep the special beverages cold: email Sparky at
  • if you have anything else you’d like to offer, let us know!

Please hit this link & simply enter your name in the time slot/shift that you’d like to take! Include a phone #, or if you prefer to keep it private. Only people with this link will see this document, ie BMV community.

► Please also support the project by bringing some extra cash to enjoy goodies such as hot & cold teas, misc. bevvies, snacks… and whatever else people will offer to bring!

What can you do to help the Burning Man Vancouver community represent around The Man this year? Email to let us know how you would like to participate!

If you are unable to attend but would like to support our project, just head on over to our site & hit the paypal link!

Help spread the word with your RSVP on Facebook, invite your friends & post to your wall!

Thanks from your pumped up BMV CORE PLAYA TIME team!


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