Playa Time Raffle


With the help of the lovely kitty cat known as The Bean, and Com the Wonder Dog, we selected 3 lucky winning tickets for our Playa Time Raffle!!

Thanks to ALL of you who donated, we raised over $650! Your contributions are so appreciated and we can’t wait to see the Circle of Regional Effigies rise around The Man. All of the CORE projects are now listed at:

WINNER: ELIZA B 1st prize:
1 ticket to Burning Man
– donated by Playa Time Organizers

2nd prize:
1 ticket to Burn in the Forest 
 – private donor

WINNER: Dianamite
3rd prize:
 Burning Man Swag Package 
Prize includes: 
1 Burning Man Earth poster, 1 DVD copy of  Voyage in Utopia, & 1 BM Regional Summit t-shirt
– donated by the Burning Man Vancouver Regional Contacts


Only 200 tickets available, $5 each 

Draw will take place on Monday June 27th!

Purchase your ticket:

      1. In person from one of the following people: Benson, Vava Vunderbust, Megan (Night Muppet), Toi Box, Noel, Pi, squishelle, Robert
      2. Online, fill out this form & we’ll contact you regarding payment.
      3. At one of the events that we’ll be at:

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