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The Reason

Vancouver is honoured to participate in the first Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) Project for Burning Man 2011, the largest collaborative art project ever undertaken on the playa.

CORE will be a ring of effigies that will surround the Man (the main effigy at the center of the event), each created by artists from within the Burning Man Regional Network. 24 different effigies from Regional groups in various countries will be present in the circle, and will burn at the same time on Thursday night of the event.

The ring around the Man suggests the progress of the Burning Man culture radiating outward from the center of main burn into the larger world.  This year, the Burning Man festival will be held on August 29 – Sept 3, 2011 in Black Rock City, Nevada.

The Project

‘Playa Time’ is Vancouver’s contribution to the CORE project; a 20′ tall grandfather clock with a large drum in the base, big enough for a Burner to run in as if in a giant hamster wheel. As you run in the wheel, your efforts will cause gears to engage and the hands of the clock will move. A handmade orca cuckoo clock feature will occasionally appear and surprise.

The effigy is designed to be interactive throughout the week of the Burning Man event, and is made almost entirely of wood to present spectators with an impressive and complete Burn at week’s end.

“Time is the school in which we learn,
Time is the fire in which we burn.”

Calmly We Walk Through This April’s Day, by Delmore Schwartz

‘Playa Time’ is designed as an interactive experience within time.  As participants make the clock work, in essence making time shift, they are invited to reflect upon on the experience of being in the Now. As the clock goes up in flames on it’s final night, the only thing left will be the present. A ‘Rite of Passage’ in time.

How are we gonna do this?

We have a team of about 30 people on board who have been meeting regularly or assisting with our Build Days.

Check out the progress here:


The way Kickstarter works is that we must reach our goal in order to receive any of the monies pledged.

100% of monies donated will go towards the purchase of materials for the art piece, and transport from Vancouver to Black Rock City.

We are proud to receive support from the Burning Man Organization, the GVIAS, and our local community members, and we need your help in achieving our total fundraising goals in order to make this project a reality.

Your much needed pledges help our team cover the cost of build materials and transportation of the project to Burning Man.

Thanks for your support!

– Playa Time Team


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