The Project


The Circle of Regional Effigies will be a ring of effigies that will surround the Burning Man in Black Rock City 2011, each created by a local community from within the Burning Man Regional Network. Most will be representations of the effigies burned at Regional network burn events, but others will be new creations. The sculptures’ placement in a ring around the Man suggests the progress of the Burning Man culture radiating outward from the main fire at our center, out into the larger world.

The projects will culminate in a coordinated burn effort, either burning multiple pieces over the course of the week or burning every piece in the Circle in a single culminating event.

The theme for Burning Man 2011 is Rites of Passage. Thirteen years ago, the Burning Man Regional Network was born. In 2011, the Regional Network ‘comes of age’ and regions around the world are invited to build, transport, set up, and BURN our own regional effigies! The Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) is a one-time collaborative art project composed of approximately 25 effigies or sculptures, each produced by a different Regional community. These effigies will be approximately 20’ tall and up to 20′ wide. They will be placed in a garden just outside of the blinking ring surrounding the Man.


This is the biggest collaborative project by the BM regional network ever undertaken for on playa art, and BMHQ is looking at supplying each region with a small honourarium and other on-playa support.  The majority of funding for this project will need to be raised by Vancouver region.


1. Producers: Noel S & Megan (Night Muppet) [email: playatime-producers at]

Responsible for these positions:

  • Financial Lead: Benson
  • Fundraising Lead: (is open – interested?) [email: playatime-fundraiser at]
  • Communications / BM Liaison: squishelle &  Joanne (VaVa) [email: playatime-comms at]
  • Documentation Lead: Diana W

2. Technical Producer: Robert [email: playatime-technical at]

Responsible for:

  • Designer Lead: Robert
  • Build Foremen: Chey and/or Dawg (to be confirmed)
  • Build Crew: Noel, Matthew, Baha , Chris H
  • Aesthetic/Assembly Lead: Night Muppet
  • Pyro Lead: Robert

3. Volunteer Coordinator: ToiBox [email: playatime-volunteer at]

Responsible for:

  • Transportation Lead: Ron S
  • Playa HQ / camp Lead:  Cabanaboy
  • LNT Leads: Pi (pre-playa) and Kym (on-playa)

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