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  Artists, Designers & Decorators Needed – Arty, crafty creatives are needed to take on individual aesthetic elements of Playa Time.

picture credit: Vision Weaver

Vancouver has been asked to participate in the Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE) Project at Burning Man 2011. The Burning Man Vancouver (BMV) Planning Group agreed to go ahead with the project, but everyone needs to be involved to make this happen!

Vancouver is well underway with plans to participate. We are in charge of all phases of our effigy’s lifespan from grant writing, to fundraising, to design, to construction, to guardianship, to fire safety team, to Leave No Trace (LNT).

We have already assembled a team of people to lead various aspects of the project.

At the first meeting a good number of enthusiastic Burners showed up to participate in the formation of Vancouver’s vision. At the second meeting six designs were presented and after much deliberation, we chose the submission by Robert, which has since been named “Playa Time”. A third meeting set in motion activation of build and project timelines, fundraising investigations, as well as providing an online presence. Further meetings focused on brainstorming ideas for fundraising. Click on Calendar of Events to see what fabulous things are coming up.


Interested in volunteering for Playa Time? Check the Help/Participate page or email Toi Box: playatime-volunteer at

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